• Quality
    & nutritional philosophy

The quality and nutritional philosophy in the history of the Gambarelli family are intertwined in a long path that has strongly characterized and shaped what Mister Pet represents today in the market, not only Italian but international: an ”Excellence” in the world scenario of Pet Food!

Nowadays speaking of Quality may seem obvious, a terminology that is too abused, sometimes without knowing what it really means and above all what manufacturing processes are behind it.


For three generations the Gambarelli family has always been dedicated to finding a food for its beloved dogs and cats that could satisfy their nutritional needs, respecting the very nature of the animal.

This path has been built over time through a continuous knowledge of the raw materials and the territory from which they come, the “Food Valley” of Italy. A continuous search for the best way to treat and cook these materials with the aim of obtaining high palatability, digestibility and better bioavailability of nutrients.

For Mister Pet the Quality and Nutritional Philosophy have deep roots and derive from the wide knowledge of the ingredients and their nutritional characteristics.

Quality is an essential peculiarity that characterizes all production phases and company departments, starting from the careful selection of raw materials and all ingredients, up to the final consumer.

Quality also means complete transparency in all our production processes, up to everything we report as labelling on the packaging. Transparency in all the ingredients we use, which are clearly visible on our bags.

Even during the transport phase, we comply with the required quality standards, to preserve the freshness of the ingredients until they are used.

The nutritional philosophy

Mister Pet foods are Natural: only steamed meat or fish, enriched with medicinal herbs, fruit, vegetables and prebiotics to ensure the right amount of vitamins, fibers, antioxidants, able to strengthen and maintain the right balance of the intestinal flora, such as the nature of the dog and cat requires.

Producing wholesome and balanced foods with renewable energy that can contribute in a balanced and tasty way to the longevity of our dear four-legged friends.

At the basis of all this, there are continuous accurate studies on the needs of dogs and cats that allow Mister Pet to implement the search for new foods according to a scientific approach, with the support of veterinary experts, nutritionists and universities. To meet the nutritional needs of dogs and cats while respecting their nature.

The crops in the Food Valley from which the vegetables, fruit and cereals used in Mister Pet products come are strictly NON-GMO, an aspect that is verified by laboratory analyses. And in the same way the meat and fish are selected on the basis of the origin and the type of farming.

Mister Pet can boast the distinction of using only certified fish: the Trout is IGP and FOS certified, the Salmon is ASC, Global Gap and MSC certified, while the tuna is MSC certified.


For our production plant, we have chosen the best machinery and the most advanced technologies, cooking at low temperatures and adopting the steam pre-cooking technique, in order to ensure that the nutritional principles of the ingredients remain unchanged during the various processes.

We have adapted the best WENGER machinery to our long experience in the processing of raw materials, obtaining an unmatched way of cooking ingredients.

We are completing the new production, a few meters from the current one, on an area of over 12,000 square meters, which will represent one of the most innovative and advanced pet food “Kitchens” at international level.

A state-of-the-art "Kitchen", with the latest advanced technologies for extrusion and cooking of food.

With a fully automated warehouse of 7,000 pallet spaces.


We guarantee Quality through the multiple checks that our internal analysis laboratory carries out in real time, scrupulously examining each stage of processing: from the conformity of the raw materials in the phase of receipt in the Company, up to the finished product; in addition, we make use of the support of internationally certified external laboratories. We also have efficient traceability systems for raw materials and traceability systems for the finished product.

We study each recipe in collaboration with veterinarians, nutritionists and universities; Our team of researchers constantly strives to best meet the nutritional needs of our and your little friends, always respecting their natural diet.

We select our top-quality ingredients within our facility based on their origin and processing method, applying the same criterion also to fresh meat, which we source from certified slaughterhouses in the Food Valley.

We also make use of the expertise of trade associations, such as ASSALCO (National Association of Companies for the Food and Care of Pet Animals), which promotes and coordinates technical-scientific initiatives for the development of the sector. As associates, we apply the Code of Good Labeling Practices, which aims to give the consumer the security of always receiving correct information in compliance with the law and the well-being of the animal.

We subject the Packaging to continuous tests to ensure its integrity, in order to preserve both the nutrients and the aroma of the food.

We do not carry out any type of test on animals and we take full care of their well-being, starting from the choice of supplier partners.