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Mister Pet, which has its roots in the tradition and experience of the Gambarelli family, has handed down its knowledge of raw materials and animal nutrition from generation to generation. The love and passion for one's work, but above all for animals, have led Mister Pet to use only highly selected and mainly fresh ingredients: meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and medicinal plants are tracked and controlled at every stage of processing.

All this takes place in the heart of the Food Valley where the company took its first steps. This territory is considered the richest place in certified and highest quality ingredients in the world. Precisely for this worldwide recognition Parma has been the seat of EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority, since 2003.

This is where our food for dogs and cats is born, made with quality and certified raw materials. Selected and traced throughout their supply chain.

Mister Pet pays particular attention to the phase of selection of raw materials: upon arrival of the products, a careful quality control is carried out, following the strict legislative criteria in force in the food sector in Italy. Italy has always been at the forefront and at the forefront of quality control and safety worldwide.

The quality system of Mister Pet allows the traceability and traceability of the product along the entire supply chain, guaranteeing at any time the identification and the life history for each production batch and each of its components.



Duck, Chicken,
Turkey, Goose, Pork


Italian Buffalo,
Deer, Lamb

wild game meat

Wild boar, Quail


Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, Trout,
Herring, Sardines, Fresh Sea Fish (sole, sea bream, hake)


Sweet potato (low glycaemic content), Yucca, Beetroot


Dandelion, Sea Thistle,
Lespedeza, Dog Rose,
Rosemary, Linseed



Pineapple, Green apple, Pomegranate, Blackberry, Cranberry, Bilberry, Rosehip, Chicory, Peas

The kitchen of Mister Pet offers a wide range of meat and fish chosen and selected based on the biological value and nutritional aspects they bring. In addition to a selection of vegetables, fruit, herbs and medicinal plants.

All ingredients are selected based on their provenance and origin.

Only raw materials that come from farms and fisheries that respect the ethical rules on the treatment of animals. Many of the raw materials come from the Food Valley Territory where we prepare and cook our products every day with the same care that you would do.

Mister Pet's recipes differ in the high use of meat and fresh ingredients and an approach to cooking at low temperature and steam, preserving their integrity and making proteins and all nutrients more available for assimilation.

In addition to the processing of raw materials that take place within its own structure and kitchen, Mister Pet has been developing its own sources of omega 3 and 6 and of natural digestions internally.

The Gambarelli family has been investing for many years in the research and study of ingredients and blends that give the recipes unmatched and unique characteristics. A continuous, almost maniacal study of raw materials aimed at maximum optimization of nutritional benefits.

In the laboratories of Mister Pet there are dozens and dozens of studies on various subjects, from proteins to fats and to the mixtures of antioxidants and prebiotics that day after day add an element, leading the company to always be at the forefront of animal nutrition.

In Mister Pet's kitchen, meats and fish are processed and used in various forms, ranging from fresh, frozen, to dehydrated and hydrolyzed meat that are produced within the Gambarelli family's kitchens.

Mister Pet's cuisine represents excellence not only in Italy but worldwide, excellence awarded with the assignment of the QUALITY AWARDS 2021 and 2022 to the two highest quality brands, which have obtained the highest score ever!

The excellence of the ingredients and raw materials of this territory is given thanks to the particular fertility of the soil combined with the microclimate, ancient traditions and human resourcefulness. Confirming its strong vocation, Parma in 2003 was chosen as the seat of EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority. To deepen the knowledge of the treasures of the taste of the Food Valley, the Food Museumshave been established; in addition to enhancing the individual products and the local economy, these extraordinary places contribute to giving value to the entire area and to promoting food and wine tourism.