All our dog recipes are made with the highest quality ingredients selected in our kitchens and cooked with the ultimate care.
We use a high content of meat and fresh ingredients that increase the nutritional value of our formulas.

Food Valley

Mister Pet has always cultivated a deep culture of raw materials and how they are cooked, thanks to an extraordinary identity with the territory where all this was born and which always represents a great source of nutritional inspiration.

Our kitchen

Mister Pet products are natural, only steamed meat enriched with officinal herbs, fruit and vegetables, to ensure the correct supply of vitamins required by the nature of your dog or cat.

Nutritional approach

In the company laboratory, Mister Pet applies a scientific approach to its constant commitment to the study of new products and recipes, with the specific expertise of in-house veterinarians and nutritionists who can test and control the results at every stage of animal growth.

Animal Friends

Mister Pet does not make any test on animals. The foods are tested by breeders in harmonious conditions, without causing discomfort to dogs.

Unique, unmatched variety and content of meat and fish: “Variety” means a healthy diet for your dog!

Living in harmony between Nature and Food, developed with functional ingredients that can contribute to overall physical well-being:

Crockex Wellness Dog has been studied in our laboratories for the daily well-being of dogs with high quality protein sources from Fresh Meats, selected on the basis of the biological value of the proteins.

Meglium, a complete and balanced line for your cat studied in our laboratories. With high quality meats, fish, rice and vegetables, all cooked in a simple and steamed way, rich in vitamins and minerals to meet the daily energy needs and satisfy the taste needs of dogs.

Mamynat, a complete and balanced line for your dog studied in our laboratories with an excellent quality of meat, a good ratio between proteins and fats, and between vitamins and minerals.

Mister Pet offers kibbles formulated specifically for professional use (breeders, professionals in the dog sector, sports sector) available in 3 recipes: Puppy, Energy and Maintenance.
The glazed kibbles consist of a corn core covered with glaze, to tastefully satisfy the nutritional needs of dogs based on age and physical activity.