• We take care about the environment
    because we imagine a future

For three generations the Gambarelli family has been carrying on the philosophy that has always accompanied it, based on respect for people and the environment, as well as obviously love for animals.

Reducing the environmental impact is one of our main objectives, which is why we subject our plants and the entire production chain to rigorous checks. We have been active for some time in the field of environmental ethics in order to make choices aimed at safeguarding natural resources and minimizing the impact of our production activities.

This commitment has materialized over time using renewable energy with the current plant which guarantees an almost total coverage of energy needs, through our photovoltaic panel system.

A commitment that continues more and more in all other areas of environmental impact: we purify the air and water used in the production processes to return them to Nature without alterations, thus ensuring a production cycle in balance with the Environment.

Also demonstrated starting from the choice of supplier partners who respect the environment and its life cycle: in our foods we use vegetables, fruit, cereals that come from strictly non-GMO crops, a characteristic that we scrupulously verify through laboratory analyses; in the same way, we select the meat based on the origin and the type of farming.

We always pay close attention to energy waste, making investments that have as their main objective technological innovation and the achievement of maximum production efficiency.

Also, in the implementation of the new Plant Mister Pet will move in the direction of 4.0 technologies for both production and storage, with great attention to environmental impact.


Dogs and Cats well-being through a deep culture and knowledge of raw materials


Achieve high palatability, digestibility and the best bioavailability of nutrients in the foods we cook for our beloved pets