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In the list below will find the most requested questions by consumers about Mister Pet products.
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Our company

  • 1. What is Mister Pet's Vision and Nutritional Philosophy?
  • "The history and identity of the Gambarelli family" comments Enzo Gambarelli, founder and owner of Mister Pet " is strongly characterized by the territory in which it grew up and where it has deliberately established its supply chain in the production of pet food with its vision: “Dogs and Cats well-being through a deep culture and knowledge of raw materials”. From the farms, local butchers directly to its production sites and offer high quality foods that satisfy pet lovers ".
    Mister Pet foods are Natural: only steamed meat or fish, enriched with medicinal herbs, fruit, vegetables and prebiotics to ensure the right amount of vitamins, fibers, antioxidants, able to strengthen and maintain the right balance of the intestinal flora , such as the nature of the dog and cat requires.
  • 2. Does Mister Pet make tests on animals?
  • We do not carry out any type of experimentation on animals and we take full care of their well-being, starting from the choice of supplier partners.
  • 3. Where are all your foods cooked?
  • All our raw materials are selected and then cooked in our kitchens. Thanks to the high innovation and technology of machinery and our experience in raw materials, we are able to cook high quality recipes.
  • 4. When will the New Production Plant be inaugurated?
  • A new state-of-the-art facility will be inaugurated by the end of 2022, boasting the latest Wenger technology. This will allow the company to include a greater quantity of fresh ingredients in its recipes and to offer other recipes of the highest quality to the market. The new area of over 12,000 square meters will also house a new and modern laboratory and a fully automated warehouse (already operational), with a storage capacity of over 7,000 pallets.

Our ingredients

  • 1. How does Mister Pet formulate his food? Do you have the support of veterinary and nutrition experts during this process?
  • Mister Pet foods are Natural: only steamed meat, enriched with medicinal herbs, fruit, vegetables and prebiotics to ensure the right amount of vitamins, fibers, antioxidants that help to strengthen and maintain the right balance of the intestinal flora, like nature of the dog and cat requires.
    We carry out continuous accurate studies on the needs of dogs and cats, which allow Mister Pet to implement the search for new foods according to a scientific approach, with the support of veterinary experts, nutritionists and important Italian universities. To meet the nutritional needs of dogs and cats while respecting their nature.
  • 2. Are your recipes GMO Free?
  • In all our recipes we use ingredients from GMO Free farms and crops.
  • 3. How many types of meat and fish do you use in your recipes?
  • In our "Kitchens" we select and cook more than 20 different types of meat and fish. A deep and unique variety of fine meats.

Our Brands

  • 1. Are Primordial Grain Free recipes considered low glycemic index and low cholesterol?
  • We use and select the best raw materials, including meat and fish with a high protein value (bioavailability) with a low cholesterol and fat content. And with a low glycaemic index.
  • 2. Does Primordial Grain Free contain ideal proteins for dogs and cats with allergies?
  • We have a deep selection and combination of new novel proteins: great options for those dogs and cats who are sensitive to food or suffer from food allergies!
  • 3. What and how many types of meat and fish to use in Primordial Grain Free?
  • We have an unmatched selection of meats and fish: we use more than 20 different types of meat and fish in our recipes: from Game (Wild Boar, Quail), to Red meat (Italian Buffalo, Deer, Lamb, Wild Boar) and White (Duck, Quail) , Chicken, Turkey, Goose, Pork), and Fish (Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, Trout, Herring, Sardines, Mixed fresh sea fish: sole, sea bream, hake).

The Food Valley

  • 1. Why is it called the Italian Food Valley?
  • The Italian "Food Valley" is one of the most unique places in the world: this wonderful Territory has long been recognized as the world center of knowledge and innovation in the agro-food sector.
    Here the secrets of the production of eno-gastronomic excellence known and appreciated all over the world have been handed down for centuries, such as Parmigiano Reggiano (not surprisingly called the king of cheeses in the world), which is the result of the long production tradition and the bond with the territory of origin; Parma Ham, whose fame has its roots in thousands of years, since the Roman period. Both boast unique nutritional characteristics, as well as an unmistakable taste.
    The Food Valley is the richest area in the world for the number (44) of DOP and IGP products, the protected designation of origin and protected geographical indication brands attributed by the European Union to guarantee quality!
  • 2. Where is the Food Valley located?
  • It is located in the Emilia-Romagna region in central Italy, mainly between the provinces of Reggio Emilia and Parma.

Quality Awards

  • 1. What are the Quality Awards?
  • The QUALITY AWARD is awarded every year directly by final consumers to products judged to be of high quality, through rigorous performance tests conducted by independent laboratories specialized in sensory analysis.
  • 2. Which MISTER PET Brands have received the 2022 QUALITY AWARDS?
  • As a further demonstration and testimony of a long path of innovation and quality in pet food, Mister Pet in 2022, reconfirming the 2021 award, achieved the highest quality recognition for the second consecutive year, winning the Quality Award 2022 with two of its most important brands of the entire product range: Primordial Grain Free and Vivere Low Grain.
    The prestigious Quality Awards 2022 were assigned to the two brands with an exceptional score on laboratory tests, and above all with the satisfaction of 100% of a large sample of consumers selected by Consumer Test. Primordial Grain Free Dog and Cat and Vivere Low Grain have beat the other competitors with a global rating among the highest! For example, Primordial Cane reached an intention to buy in blind (ie a "blind" evaluation to buy food, without knowing the brand of the product) of almost 100% of the sample. Primordial was also highly valued by Veterinarians and therefore awarded the “Veterinary Approved” logo.

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