• A family
    with a long tradition
    and passion


A family that for three generations guided by its strong tradition has always had a great passion for animals.

The long journey of the Gambarelli family begins in 1838, when it buys the first farm on the hills of the Reggiano Apennines, where it raises different types of livestock.

It is in this uncontaminated environment, now called the "Food Valley", characterized by prairies, fresh springs forests and a land rich in unique ingredients in the world, where the generation currently at the helm of the company grows.

Around 1970, the Gambarelli family began to develop ideas on the creation of food for dogs and cats, respecting their nutritional needs and using products deriving from the local meat and grain consumption chain. Their experience as breeders is fundamental for the choice and conservation of raw materials and food.

In 1984 the Gambarelli family takes a step that will be decisive for the future, giving life to the Racof, company, which boasts the first plant specializing in the preservation of meat and fish for the production of Pet Food.

With the experience and high knowledge acquired in the processing of meat and fish with Racof, the company Mister Pet was founded in 1995, which initially produces and markets dried natural products of animal origin. Both companies are located in Mamiano – Traversetolo (PR).

In 1999 another important step that will strongly characterize the long journey of growth and success to date. The Gambarelli family, motivated by the continuous demand both on the Italian and international markets, makes a considerable investment: it buys a shed with attached offices, on a total area of ​​35,000 square meters, based in Mamiano di Traversetolo (PR), where both Racof and Mister Pet are located.

Always driven by a strong innovative culture, an important project for the conservation of meat and fish products is developed in the new production site, with freezing process at -20 ° C on various lines. At the same time, a state-of-the-art refrigerated and robotic warehouse was created (the first in Italy and among the first in Europe).

During the following years, the Gambarelli family, always following an innovative path, began a continuous process of modernization of the production plants, storage and transport systems, and rigorously applying the quality control and traceability procedures of the products.

Driven and motivated by the continuous growth in turnover and product ranges, the Gambarelli family between 2005 and 2028 invests in the most advanced and modern American-designed extruders. This important step allows Mister Pet to further raise the quality level by also using fresh meat in the production of dry food.

Thanks to strong investments from 2009 onwards Mister Pet reaches a level of innovation and modernization at 360 °: from the production plant, followed by that of packaging, palletization, automated warehouse, photovoltaic, computerized management system.


In particular on the ingredients that make up the recipes, in fact the long and in-depth experience in knowing how to treat and process fresh meat and fish has given a decisive impulse to the continuous search for the maximum benefit and assimilation of raw materials in the pets.

Obtaining unimaginable results such as high palatability, digestibility and the best bioavailability of nutrients.

The Gambarelli family has been able to adapt their way of cooking and to optimize the best ingredients of the Food Valley with the best extrusion technology currently available on the market, obtaining today a unique and unmatched food.

As a demonstration and testimony of a long path of innovation and food quality, Mister Pet won the highest quality recognition in 2021 and 2022, receiving the QUALITY AWARDS 2021 and 2022 for two of its most important brands of the entire product range.

Primordial Grain Free Dog & Cat and Vivere Low Grain won the award for best dry food in Italy in their categories!

Primordial Grain Free Dog and Cat have also received further recognition as a “Veterinarian Approved” dry food.

The Gambarelli family in 2020 and 2021 continues to invest and started the construction of new Plant of approximately 12,000 square meters which will include 4 production lines, a new fully automated warehouse with a capacity of 7,000 pallet spaces, an advanced laboratory, new packaging lines, all moving on the direction of 4.0 technologies.

This investment will make it possible to triple the production capacity while respecting the environmental impact.

The last few years have been a strong boost for a continuous internationalization of Mister Pet and its brands, reaching important agreements for the Chinese market.

The Gambarelli family continues to invest in 2020 and 2021, all moving along the lines of 4.0 technologies.

This investment will make it possible to triple the turnover while respecting the environmental impact.